Paul (Laleham)

"Before I was introduced to MoreCare, I always had disappointment from agencies. Since I was introduced to Ade in 2009, I can relax, knowing my parent are in good hand, she and her team never disappoint. Thank you very much Ade for the wonderful services you are giving my parent."

Ivy Family

"Thanks Ade and her team for making it possible for our mum to live at home till end of her life as it is our mum wish to die in her own home. MoreCare made this possible without any worries. Ade, you are really doing good job in our community. Thanks once again and God bless you real good."

David (Sherpperton)

"My dad wish is to live at home, he enjoy watching football while sitting in her reclining chair, thanks to MoreCare as they made this possible for him with a fantastic live-in carer at an affordable price. I also thank my friend Paul that introduce me to this wonderful team, gracias."

Sue and David (Chertsey).

"Thanks to MoreCare my husband has been rejected by many care agencies as they said they can not use Itac hoist, when I came in contact with MoreCare, their director and few of her staff went for a training on how to use Itac and since then it has been fantastic. Thanks to MoreCare and her wonderful staff. My wife and I always look forward to see MoreCare staff every morning as they make us happy."

A. Glazer (Ashford)

"I was giving 6 weeks to live, but told my doctor I will like to be looked after at my home, I was referred to MoreCare by Continue Care for end of life care. Thanks to Ade and her team for the quality of care I am receiving at home since 6th November 2013. I feel better every day, this is due to the care I am receiving from MoreCare. I saw my 1st great grandchild, which I never knew I will be alive to see. I thank Ade for organizing this type of services in the community"

Dr. Philippa (Sunbury)

"I will like to thank Ade and her team for the support they are giving to my dad since I lost my mum. I never know my dad can be able to live comfortable with the assistant of live-In carer until I was introduced to MoreCare Service in 2012. I am always happy to see my dad looking young and healthy every day."

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